Client Services

Client Services

Client Services

A very detailed interview will be conducted to ensure we are fully prepared to provide the best service for your pet(s). All of your information will be recorded for our confidential files, ranging from your emergency contact info and your vet's details, to your pet's medical condition, and his preferences and favourite toys!

Our focus is on one on one care, and building a strong and lasting relationship with you and your pets through our services of:

  • Private Dog Walks
  • Cat Sitting
  • Premium Dog Boarding in our Homes
  • Overnight Pet Sitting in your Home

Our goal is that your pet eagerly anticipates our arrival! We will provide you with a daily report of your pet's well-being, and if you like, send a pic of your cat or dog!

For vacation care, note that it is our policy to visit cats no less than once per day and dogs no less than three times. Your pet could suffer an injury during prolonged absence and they also benefit from the companionship as they are no doubt missing you.

Ongoing, we will provide you with a daily report of your pet's well-being, via text or notes.

Operating Policies

  • TIPS - Our pet caregivers work diligently to provide the best service possible, and genuinely care about your pets. If you would like to thank them with a gratuity, please leave cash or a cheque payable directly to your walker/sitter.
  • For ongoing services, payment is due immediately upon being invoiced (every two weeks). For vacation or occasional care, payment is due as arranged.
  • There is a $35 charge for returned cheques (to cover our costs).
  • For engagements of at least a week, there is no charge for the initial meeting and key pickup, however there is a $10 charge for subsequent trips to drop off or pick up a key. (Repeat clients usually ask us to keep a key).

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