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Our work days are a very long time for man's best friend to be alone. Aside from the discomfort of not having a "pee-break", our dogs miss us! They are very social creatures, crave companionship, and would love a good mid-day break. With one of our loving & experienced walkers, your dog will enjoy the social benefits of a great dog walk.

And of course there are health benefits to dog walks! As with humans, regular exercise can extend the life of your pet by years and will reduce obesity, the number one medical issue with dogs. Daily exercise can also reduce behavioural problems - a tired dog is a happy dog! The extra mid-day walk can help prevent hyperactivity, destructiveness, separation anxiety, depression and stress. Come home to a happier dog, and less pressure on you to take him for a walk right away!

You will receive a daily report of your dog's walk, and as your walker will be very familiar with your pet, they could also spot changes which could highlight a potential health issue.

If you are considering dog walks, call us today to find out how one of our many walkers can make your dog's life better and yours easier! We cover all of Burlington and western Oakville!


Private Walk Rates

Rates are lower with increased frequency.

Frequency / week30 minutes45 Minutes60 Minutes
5 or more$16$22.50$29
After 5:00 p.m., or before 8:00 a.m.please add $5 per walk
Weekendsplease add $5 per walk
Holidaysplease add $10 per walk
Additional Dogs$5 per dog
Custom - Please contact us if you have a special request!

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Our dog walker Mandi is AMAZING! She is so good with dogs. Knowing that my dog, Chloe, will have exercise while we are away at work gives me piece of mind. Linda has a great program with many excellent dog walkers (shout out to Sue and Amanda) so that when we need extra walks there's always a solution! We also use the boarding services occasionally when we need overnight stays. I love the fact that Chloe will be in someone's home instead of a crate or pen. An excellent service that has a team of great people who love animals!
--Christine H.

Lee has been great with Orly and it has given me peace of mind knowing that he is getting out in the middle of the day for a play and walk.
- Sharon E.

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