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Hi Linda, Just wanted to thank you again for being able to take care of Skye on such short notice. Ross did a great job and the notes he left behind were greatly appreciated. We'll be in touch the next time we go away.
--Shawn B

Sharon has been absolutely amazing and Seth has bonded very quickly to her. When she leaves, he watches her car drive down the road and cries. If Sharon is an indication of the caliber of Lifestyle dog walkers, then Seth will certainly be in good hands with the backup you select.
--Margaret L

(Response to receiving a short video of her dog....) OMG!!! I LOVE IT! Thank you for sending that, it just made my day. I left this morning feeling heartbroken because she was giving me the saddest eyes. I wish I didn't have to leave her every day. I'm soooo glad she has you to give her snuggles and love when I can't. Thanks again Sue :)
--Andrea M

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